An introduction to what cashback websites are and their role in online shopping

An introduction to what cashback websites are and their role in online shopping

Cashback websites are websites that pay cash rewards to buyers when they click through from them to buy goods and services from retailer websites. They basically offer an ideal combination of spending money with earning money which all customers wish for. They return their users a percentage of the transaction amount from qualifying purchases.

The basic idea is that the user makes the purchase from the retailer website by clicking through the link given on the cashback website instead of going and buying from the physical store location.

In this case, even though the item is provided by the retailer, the customers get paid a cash reward for the transaction made by them.

Cashback websites differ based on the form of cashback that they offer. While some websites provide customers a percentage of the total transaction amount, others have a fixed amount which they offer for every transaction.

Cashback websites carry links for all sorts of retailer websites - groceries, toiletries, electronics, or even insurance policies or broadband deals. Cashback offers are provided for all.

A detailed explanation of the working of these cashback websites
The working of cashback websites makes up for a coherent business model where the cashback website works as a rewarding medium between the customer and the retailer providing money back to the end-user i.e. the customer. So what basically happens is that the cashback website directs you to their portal (retailer’s website) with its exclusive offers and once the customer makes a purchase and the payment is confirmed, the retailer pays the cashback website a portion of the amount as commission, which is given back by the cashback website to the customer as cash back after confirmation of purchase.

So, the business/retailer does not actually play any role in giving the cash back to the customer, it is done by the cashback websites. Cashbacks are basically commissions given by retailers to cashback websites for directing paying users to their portals/websites. So, this is how cashback websites generate revenue.

The time taken to receive the cashback benefits depends on the cashback website. Some websites give cashback in four to six weeks. While other websites give cashback after a few months. A certain time gap is kept between the purchase of goods and the cashback payment to ensure there is no cashback payment for products that are returned or canceled.

Cashbacks are given to the customer in many forms. Bank transfers, gift vouchers, bank checks, mobile recharges, or online orders are some forms of providing cashback to users. They may also be offered on online payment sites such as PayPal. Some cashback websites keep a minimum amount level so that the customer has to make any purchases to be eligible for cashback.

Many of the cashback websites offer their users rewards when they refer others to their websites. They also offer other rewards to increase their users and to maintain their loyalty.

What are the advantages provided by cashback websites to the users?
Following are the advantages of cashback websites

•Purchasing for the first time on particular websites gets more cashback than other websites. Some websites even offer a signup bonus. And some reward users with up to 100% cashback.

•Users can earn passive income sitting at home by just shopping online.

•These websites have a huge number of partner retailer websites so there are limitless choices of goods and services to choose from.

•Users get more cashback and rewards for referring others to the websites.

•Due to strong competition between each other, the websites tend to match their rates so if customers are aware and updated, they can get the best deals.

•Some websites even give rewards for simply registering, filling out survey forms, and asking for quotations.

•Some websites even allow you to get cash back when you buy from physical stores by downloading their applications or registering for their cashback using cards. The plus point is that you get to keep additional cashback apps.

How are customers supposed to use these cashback websites?
Following are the steps to use a cashback website:

The first step is to register with one or more cashback websites. Most of these websites can be joined free of cost, but some websites charge an annual fee as a matter of time or if a premium account is chosen by the user.

If a user wishes to purchase a particular product or service, he or she has to browse through the website to see if their preferred favorite retailers or financial services firms are providing them good deals or not.

Once an ideal deal has been found, the user has to visit the retailer website by clicking on the link provided to him/her by the cashback site rather than directly accessing the retailer’s website. If the retailer's website has been previously accessed, then internet cookies need to be deleted before clicking through, for the cashback website to be recognized as the referral source for the retailer.

When the purchase is completed, the retailer gives commission to the cashback website used by the user. Further, the cashback website pays a part of this amount to you by transferring it into your bank account or online wallet. The user might have to reach a certain minimum cashback level to be able to withdraw the money.

Which are the best cashback websites for users to find cashback offers
Here are the names of some of the Indian best cashback websites. Make sure to visit them to get the best deals and cashback offers from these top cashback websites in India and worldwide cashback websites.

1. CouponDunia

2. GoPaisa

3. CashKaro

4. TopCashback

5. Pennyful

6. PaisaWapas

7. Baggout

8. PaisaGet

9. CashVaapas

10. Zingoy

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