What Are the Requirements to Get A PMP Certification

What Are the Requirements to Get A PMP Certification

If you are thinking of acquiring a PMP certificate, your professional life will become bright. The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a professional certificate that is highly valued in the job market.

As you can realize, acquiring a Chinese PMP Certificate is not an easy task. You will need to be appropriately prepared before sitting for the exam. This also requires continuous dedication and a long-term goal.

There are several other things necessary to sit for the PMP exam. So, what are the requirements to get a PMP certificate?

4 Requirements to Get A PMP Certificate
PMP is a well-reputed professional certification for project managers. It is a kind of certificate that will enable a career-oriented person to grow in the market rapidly. Most alluringly, the certification will bring about more reputation and much higher income for the person.

There are 4 essential requirements that you will have to fulfill before you can register for the exam. You will require a proper undergraduate or graduate degree firstly. The criteria are set by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Moreover, an aspiring examinee will require prior formal education on project management and work experience as well. Finally, leadership experience is also required to register for the PMP exam.

Here is a thorough understanding of all criteria with specific data.

Educational Degree Required
If you have a 3-years bachelor’s degree, you are good to go. This means that the student has completed a total of 36 months of institutional education. Among these 3 years, the candidate should have at least 35 hours of project management courses.

On the other hand, a 5-year diploma will require you to have a total of 5 years (60 months) and 7,500 hours in total. The amount of project management courses needed is similar to before, a total of 35 hours.

Years of Professional Experience in Project Management
Having previous experience working in project management can be beneficial for you as s candidate. The total hour of project management experience is already counted with institutional education.

However, post-graduation work experience in handling and managing projects for professional output can be beneficial as well. It can be both paid and non-paid work experience. The acquired experience must be in professional settings. You cannot call planning your own wedding a project management task.

Project Leading and Directing Capability
You can include all the projects you have led or directed. It is better to avoid solo projects as they do not portray your leadership capability as a project manager. This prerequisite determines your ability to communicate with cross-functional employees and manage and lead projects with new people.

Hours of Formal Education on Project Management Professionals
Before you can sit for the PMP exam, you must have the minimum required hours of formal education on project management. The PMI requires each candidate with a bachelor’s degree to have at least 35 hours of complete formal education.

The formal education on project management can be outside the education institute. You can even join a coaching center. The time span of fulfilling the 35-hour study time is also large. Therefore, there are options to initiate on completing all the hurdles we may face in front of us.

The main objective of having prior knowledge of project management is to focus on the learning materials and gain leadership quality. It would be best if you remembered to keep all the coaching, workshop, or training program receipts. They can be used as proof of fulfilling the basic requirements as well.

The total cost of sitting for the PMP exam is exceptionally high. Therefore, you should be well-prepared before you can even sit for the exam. But before that, you should make sure to fulfill the requirements for the certification.

The requirements of PMP certification are specific and strictly followed. It would help if you were educated and possess prior work experience before sitting for the exam. Most people take their time after graduation or post-graduation. As a result, everyone should avoid special days and dedicatedly study for the PMP exam and certification.

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