How to Diagnose a PC MAC Hard Disk Like an Expert

How to Diagnose a PC MAC Hard Disk Like an Expert

When it comes to finding and fixing hard disk drive errors on your computer, there are various expert suggested ways. No matter if you use a desktop PC, Mac, or laptop, you can check your preferred system hard storage by following a quick guide shared in the below section. From simply checking unresponsive storage into a computer or scanning working storage over PC/Mac built-in repair software, you can meet your needs effortlessly. However ornamental hard storages can only be fixed by an expert. Or else, chances are high you won't be able to use the storage drive again.

Checking the Non-Operational Hard Drive on Another PC
For this, you can place the non-working storage drive to a friend’s or family member's computer. One of the fastest ways to do this is to use a SATA to USB adapter or an IDE to USB adapter. Check your storage drive ports prior to purchasing a USB adapter or any type of connector. As storage drives have a several-inch-wide connector, ensure to notice it on the end of its connection ribbon to meet your needs. If you have a SATA drive then you will need a narrower ribbon connector. Do keep in mind that new-age storage drives use SATA connections.

Leverage Sea Tools for in-depth Laptop Drive Analysis
Sea Tools is the right tool to scan and diagnose the laptop disk drives in an in-depth manner that is selected by the user. Once you open the Sea Tools, then select the hard drive from the listed menu of the section. Sea Tools will show the default computer's internal storage drive on the first section, so ensure to choose the storage drive you to choose to check from the drop-down box. In case the Sea Tools is not able to your storage drive, it means the drive is damaged and needs to replace. In this circumstance, you will need to take it to a repair service to get valuable information from available recovery options.

Review the Sea Tools Test Report
After you are done with the test through Sea Tools, make sure to spend sufficient time to review the report of a hard drive health check. It is noticed that reports with more dips suggest a more corrupted storage drive. The in-depth report will also showcase the specific sector of your internal solid-state drive that is corrupted or unresponsive. In case your storage drive is completely inoperable then you will need to contact an expert for alternative options.

Analyzing a Mac Non-Operational Drive on Stellar
There are different methods to connect a non-working Mac hard drive to another Mac computer to smoothly diagnose it. First of all, you will need to remove the faulty drive from your Mac. After it, you can connect it to a working Mac computer via a USB adapter, SATA connector, SATA to USB, or USB-C adapter. Once you connect your MAC storage drive, use Stellar Drive Toolbox to diagnose it appropriately. Select the newly added storage drive if it appears in the list. Otherwise, it may be damaged and you will need to acquire the assistance of a professional storage repair service provider for quick data recovery.

Checking A Working PC Drive on HDD Sentinel
HDD Sentinel is one of the most powerful applications that help users to check their working drives' health. Once you download and install HDD Sentinel select the hard drive that you want to diagnose to kick off the scanning process. By doing this you will speedily check the health of the selected disk drive for errors without any hassle. If you find an error then restart your PC and run the scan process again. Don’t miss to follow quick instructions shared by the HDD Sentinel to fix errors that are found on your storage drive health check routine.

Analyzing a Mac Working Drive on Clean My Mac
By utilizing the Clean My Mac you can test your mac working drive in a speedy manner. You just need to add the required hard drive from the drop-down menu to immediately run a test. Once you deep scan your storage drive, you will see a prompt box that will showcase problems that need to be repaired of your Mac's storage drive. Furthermore, it will help you to free up tons of disk space by finding old junk files and removing extensions.

Get Professional Repair Service Assistance
If your unable to fix your hard drive issues even after following the tip and techniques shared in the above section then you must interact with a professional repair service provider. in case your storage disk is damaged, the repair service provider will also help you to recover data from your PC, Mac, or laptop storage drive. If a professional service provider fixed your storage drive, it will be back to normal. The professional repair service provider might not able to recover some corrupted files, even if your storage drive will back to normal.

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