10 Things to bear in mind on your trip to Ladakh

10 Things to bear in mind on your trip to Ladakh

Leh is certainly one of the most beautiful places in India and at least once in your life, you should definitely go to this place. If you enjoy bikes and go there and therefore road trips, believe me, to be a criminal offense if you are not taking your bike. Keep these signs in mind and proceed to do the ride you always wanted to make on the Leh motorcycle.

1) The Routes.
Leh is reached by two main roads. The Jammu > Srinagar > The Leh and the Manali Highways >The Leh route. Both routes are incredibly scenic and I recommend you take one route and the other when you're returning. Although it is safer for me to take the Srinagar road while going on a Manali route while returning, whatever my experience will count, as the ascent to higher levels, progresses on the former route and it is easier to acclimatize at altitude.

2) The best time to travel.
On both routes, the roads to Leh are only accessible for tourists approximately six months a year. From the middle of May until the first week of June until the middle of October - November. Therefore it should be a safe bet between June and September. But July's monsoons can get a bit rough on the passes (Zojila pass in the Srinagar - Leh highway, Rohtang pass on the Manali - Leh highway). June and September are practically the best months to fly, but in the monsoon, you can still be a little adventurous.

3) Altitude sickness (AMS) is a true mountain slut. It doesn't make you a wimp by taking any precautions.
The levels of tolerance to altitudes vary from person to person. The strongest judge you can judge is your body. Some are seriously affected and others are only slightly affected. A moderate AMS case just seems like a little bit of a hassle. Fortunately, I have only suffered slightly, even while it sounds ridiculous, I drink from the age of 18, so I was conscious of how to treat a mild hake. Read AMS however and your precautions, medications, etc, before beginning your journey.

4) Drink plenty of water, eat well and keep some sweets handy.
The Internet is packed with news about water's health benefits. Don't overrate it, trust me. I don't normally think too specific about my eating habits but when I reached higher altitudes after Srinagar and until I was not back at lower altitudes in Manali, I diligently ensured that I had 3 to 4 liters of water every day.

5) Use a balaclava or wear a piece of clean cloth on the high altitudes to cover your mouth.
Oxygen levels are low at high altitudes. When you ride high altitudes, you appear to breathe from the mouth. You can inhale water vapor from the air, so that water may accumulate into your lungs when you breathe hard. It sounds terrifying. Okay, somewhere before the ride, I read about that. If it's true, I'm not really sure. But why take opportunities then. Though I have to add I could feel the moisture in the cloth that covered my mouth when I stopped between drives.

6) Alcohol is easy to go. Confide in me, the views are appropriate for a high one.
I love drinking. I love drinking. I don't make any bones. But be responsible for alcohol. Alcohol induces dehydration and does not help with the disease of altitude. Try not to go beyond the boundaries and know. In these pieces, never push the boundaries.

7) The position to try this is not exactly Leh:
Do not exercise too much physically in these parts. You could be impressed even by a short walk in such high altitudes. Take time for everything you do for your own sweetness. After all, a holiday is supposed to slow down your life a little. Keep as much energy as possible until you feel very relaxed.

8) Use protective equipment. But it sounds masterful, it saves lives and limbs.
There are far-flung places with no traces of civilization over long distances. Medical treatment may be a little complicated in the event of an Unforward accident. I had a bad accident and I had to ask a camion to drive my bike from Sarchu to Mandi across the Rohtang Pass for some 300 km, but luckily I was unscathed due to my protective gear.

9) Every truck driver on the way should be good. Create your points of Karma.
Trucks are your only way out if things go really wrong. These guys have the room when you are in an absolute bind for bringing your bike to the next place. Truck drivers are friendly and support you, although some negotiating skills can be realistic.

10) If you have the luxury, keep spending those days on your itinerary.
For a variety of reasons, the itinerary may be upset. You may need a little time to acclimate some of the roads because of the weather, your motorcycle develops a snag and takes time to repair them

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